Tomato Sandwich | Cheese and Tomato Sandwich

Tomato Sandwich | Cheese and Tomato Sandwich

Got the season’s fresh, plump tomatoes from the market? Here is one recipe with which you can make the most of it. Tomato Sandwich is easy, quick, requires minimal ingredients and one of those dishes that you can make super quickly. Within 15 minutes, precisely! This is a grilled sandwich version made with tomatoes and cheddar cheese. You can take this as your base recipe, and then go on experimenting too.  

About Cheese and Tomato Sandwich

Bread, tomatoes, cheese, some seasonings and butter – you’re sorted with a scrumptious Tomato Sandwich. I like to grill my sandwich, so I do it. But if you don’t wish to grill, you can enjoy the sandwich as it is. It tastes fab like that too.  

Since tomatoes and cheese is a great combination, pretty much in any recipe, this sandwich recipe too is one of my go-to ones when I’m literally not wanting to put much efforts in creating a quick snack or a tasty dish for brunch. I’ll reiterate this again, making this Tomato Cheese Sandwich is literally a piece of cake!

For the bread, you have a list that you can choose from. And by the way, you can make these too at home – Wheat Bread, White Bread, Brown Bread, multigrain bread, sandwich bread, etc. I would really suggest you give making your own bread at home also a shot. It’s really therapeutic to see a freshly baked bread coming out of the oven!

Usually, I toast or grill these sandwiches in an electric toaster or griller. However, in this post, I have shown how to grill the sandwich on a skillet. So, if you do not have a toaster or griller, then also you can easily make these sandwiches on a skillet or frying pan.

Serve the Tomato Cheese Sandwich with any dip, tomato ketchup or chutney. You can also accompany some potato chips, banana wafers or potato wedges by the side.

Step-by-Step Guide
How to make Tomato Sandwich


1. Rinse 1 medium to large tomato in water first. Wipe dry with a clean kitchen towel. Slice the top part of the tomato and discard it.

Then thinly slice the tomato. But make sure not to cut into transparent slices. Set the thin tomato slices aside.

Next take 8 to 10 bread slices and spread some butter on them. You can use wheat bread, brown bread, white bread or multigrain bread.

2. Then, place 3 to 4 thin tomato slices.

3. Add some grated cheddar cheese. You can add less or more as per your requirements.

But do not add too much or over stuff with cheese, as then the cheese melts on the skillet and makes a mess.

You could also place a cheese slice on top of the tomatoes instead of shredded cheddar cheese.

4. Sprinkle some dried herbs like oregano and basil, crushed black pepper and red chili flakes (or cayenne pepper if you like).

You could also use your preferred dried mix herbs and sprinkle some salt if you prefer.

5. Cover with the second buttered slice.

Make Cheese and Tomato Sandwich

6. Heat a frying pan or skillet or tawa and brush some softened butter on it.

7. Place the prepared sandwich on the skillet and gently move it around so that it soaks up the butter.

8. Place a plate or lid on it. On top of the plate place a heavy weight like mortar or a heavy bowl. Or you could just use a heavy plate or tray.

9. When the bottom of the bread is grilled well, remove the lid and heavy weight. Brush some softened butter on top side.

With this method the sandwiches get grilled fast. Do check with a spatula if the bottom bread is grilled well or not.

10. With a spatula turn over the sandwich. You will see the crisp and grilled side facing you. I like to make my sandwiches more toasty and crispy.

11. Place the lid and heavy weight again and grill till the bottom of the bread is golden.

12. Remove the grilled Tomato Cheese Sandwich from the pan.

13. You can serve the Tomato Cheese Sandwich hot or warm with any dip, sauce or chutney. You can also accompany some veg nuggets or French fries by the side.

Birth of Tomato Sandwich

Although, the Tomato Cheese Sandwich is a delicious pair, we can’t forget our good ol’ tomato sandwich that brought in the use of this common fruit veggie to make sandwiches. Traditionally, it is just mayonnaise slathered bread slices topped with juicy tomato slices and seasoned with pepper, salt and/or some herbs.

This basic combination of a Tomato Sandwich is believed to have taken birth in Southern United States. Since this region had long hot summers, this sandwich was the easiest way one could also make use of the ripest southern tomatoes, and create a light dish in a matter of minutes. Till today, this sandwich is a favorite summer dish in this part of the world.

There’s barely any recipe for the perfect tomato sandwich, because whichever way you choose to make it, it’s going to turn delicious. Like, there’s hardly any room for error in a tomato sandwich. But then there’s this Tomato Cheese Sandwich and other recipes like a Tomato Cucumber Sandwich, etc. with which you can definitely keep trying new variations.

Expert Tips

With the tomatoes and herbs, the quantities can be increased or decreased.You can even alter the quantity of the cheese as per your wish. Just make sure that you don’t over stuff the sandwiches with cheese. This way the cheese might melt on the tawa and create a mess.List of herbs that go well in this sandwich – dried herbs like oregano, basil, parsley, or mixed herbs. Along with these, you can add black pepper powder/crushed black pepper, red chili flakes and some salt as well, if needed. You could also opt to use fresh herbs. Bread varieties that can be used for this sandwich – white, brown, whole wheat, multigrain, rye, sandwich, etc.If you’re wanting to use processed cheese or mozzarella cheese instead of cheddar cheese, go for it. Cheese slices also work well. There’s absolutely no problem in there.More Sandwich Recipes To Try!Easy • 10 minsWorld RecipesCucumber SandwichModerate • 40 minsSnacks RecipesClub SandwichEasy • 20 minsWorld RecipesCheese SandwichEasy • 15 minsBread SnacksMayonnaise Sandwich

Imaan Hammam Stuns on the ‘Superb’ Covers of Vogue Mexico and Vogue Latin America

Imaan Hammam Stuns on the ‘Superb’ Covers of Vogue Mexico and Vogue Latin America

Make no mistake, Imaan Hammam can deliver a strong magazine cover. The impressive portfolio of the Dutch model of Moroccan and Egyptian heritage contains glorious covers of Allure, Porter, Vogue Netherlands, Vogue Arabia, Vogue Japan, Vogue Paris and WSJ. Magazine. This month the in-demand model looks sublime on the July 2022 covers of Vogue Mexico (below) and Vogue Latin America (after the jump). The current face of Fendace wears Chanel on both covers each captured by Alique. IMAGE: VOGUE.MXNeedless to say, members of our forums are in awe. “Gorgeous!” exclaimed mikel the moment the covers dropped.“Wow, she’s gorgeous. What a face! The covers are simply stunning,”  raved aracic.“Beautiful queen! Imaan’s the perfect option for summery editorials. Stunning!” echoed thiago:).[ Not a tFS forum member yet? Click here to join! ]“Imaan Hammam is a true supermodel!” proclaimed clo.VogueGirl8910 is clearly a fan: “Both covers are stunning…”“Superb! Imaan is just a sensational model whose body of work only continues to grow stronger. These covers tick all the boxes, love the photography from Alique, the styling and strong sense of summer glamour. I cannot rave about the outcome of this enough!” voiced vogue28.Meanwhile marsnoop2 simply described the covers as “perfection” and we couldn’t agree more. IMAGE: VOGUE.MXThe cover story is a total must-see. Check it out and join the conversation here.

How to Wear the Bubble Dress: Impress by Styling this Comeback Trend!

How to Wear the Bubble Dress: Impress by Styling this Comeback Trend!

It was so bad it had to turn good.
We have had our fair share of liking and disliking the y2k era. With Gen Z going head over heels for ultra pink barbie heels and tracksuits, and millennials throwing up over it (metaphorically, of course), most fashion trends have had flip sides of a coin. No wonder the early 2000s were a true time of dilemma for the fashion industry. 
Call it a relief or a dismay, a rather ‘good enough to forget’ fashion trend of the 00s has risen. The bubble dress, like the name suggests, is a dress with a bubble-shaped silhouette, and while it will suit people with a sense of humor and a bubbly personality, it is embracing almost every spectrum of the fashion industry. Thus, its comeback calls for a recap of this newfound trend cycle.
What is a Bubble Dress?
Characterized by a voluminous skirt, the hemline of the dress is folded back and stitched to create a poofy effect, thus the term. The most common pairing of a bubble hemline is with a bustier, so as to draw attention to the bubble part of the dress. Usually resting above the knees or mid-thigh, it is mostly draped as a mini dress.

cute Bubble DressGallery of Bubble DressesEnough to pop your bubbles, bubble dresses have been a fashion term long before than it rose as a trend. Earliest versions of the bubble dresses were created in the mid 1950s by Pierre Cardin, an italian-french fashion designer. The silhouette then was heavily inspired by the basic shape of a circle, renditions of which are taken quite literally by students of Central Saint Martins and London College of Fashion. 
A Classy Comeback of the Bubble Dress
On the high-fashion runway, Louis Vuitton and Milly Bobby Brown had quite a few bubble-inspired creations for the year. Nicholas Ghesquière especially kept it strictly to imitate a peplum hemline, not letting go of the ‘bounce’ factor in his ensembles. 
Notable singer Celine Dion, who has probably seen the dress back in its acme, wore a fresh version of the bubble dress, deliberately highlighting herself for the paparazzi. So, if celebrities are promoting the bubble dress, it begs the question of why it sparks a debate within fashion communities time and again.
Why is the Bubble Dress Hated by Many?
Without beating around the bush, the basic reason netizens have collectively decided to hate on the bubble dress is simply because of how ‘ugly’ it looks.
Well, let me break it to you, THEY ARE WRONG!
We all had a time of hating a piece so much that led to a catapult in its popularity, and bubble dresses are no exception. At its zenith, it was popularized by being the ideal dress for an ‘apple body type’, and we know that such notions are done and dusted in today’s fashion scene, it does not account to past trends being so too. Think hobble skirts, mini bowler hats or patterned tights of the 60s, anyone would die to put it in an editorial of today, bar none. 
With bubble dresses, Apple Body Types have been told to cover up their stomach regions to essentially hide the unwanted fat, and because of the poofy silhouette of the bubble dress, it triumphed to make them look as per the beauty standards.
The current definition of a bubble dress has been shifted from just being the hemline, to being the complete ensemble. Back in ‘09, Gaga wore a fresh rendition of the bubble dress made by Hussein Chalayan, a British fashion designer. 
Before you roll your eyes and just skip to the styling part, have a look at the newest versions of the bubble dress! More recently, Chirstopher Esber Resort 2023 had some looks that were inspired from the hemline of the bubble. Juxtaposing it with structural and pipe detailing, the flow with the standalone parts of each look was mesmerizing to behold.
The Vanilla Issue also featured an interpretation created out of party balloons, ‘sewing’ the dress on the model itself. Marc Jacobs Fall 2022 also had maxi dresses in pastels on the runway.

via christopher_esbervia ladygagatussaudsStyling Guides for the Bubble Dress
Bubble Dresses: A Style for Each Kind
Whether you are an apple shaped or pear shaped body, it’s best to leave these fruit-objectifying methods to the past. Here are the best ways to flaunt the dress for what it is – a confidence boost! A bubble dress can be tricky to style, but if done right, you can be the star of the show.
Wide Belt Beauty
Piggybacking over the bustier pairing of a bubble dress, the corsets and wide belts of today can achieve the same look adding an oomph factor to it. Not only does this silhouette accentuates your bust area, it also adds a balance with a fuller bottom, all the while leaving room for necklaces and jewelry to emphasize your collar bones. All in one, am I right?
When paired right, bubble dresses can look cute as hell! The dress worn by Soudersam brings in the perfect blend of the 1950s with the classic v-neckline and complimentary puff-sleeves. If you own a pair of such a silhouette, make it the statement by pairing it with ankle or knee-length boots to give a refined, edgy touch. Perfect for Disneyland or a daytime brunch!
via trish.stitchvia soudersamMaxi Bubble Styles
Like any other maxi dress, a bubble maxi works best with a small clutch or a sling with a pair of pencil heels, wedges or block heels. If you really wish to invest in a bubble dress, take a pick which inclines towards the opulent side. Luxurious and ball-gown era must shine through your ensemble. Otherwise, it may end up looking like a halloween costume. 
Maxi styles of bubble dresses are perfect for dinner ‘n dance events, housewarming of a fairly wealthy network that you probably have, or simply, perfect for you if you’re the wedding guest. Purple, mint and emerald greens work best with a fabric of velvet or satin in these dresses to add the luxe appeal.
via hoanganhkhoiPlayful Prints
We cannot talk about the 1950s without the playful prints giving off the vacation and beach sensations. Surprisingly, today these playful prints work well with scrunchies, shell necklaces and the complete vsco girl aesthetic. Bonus if the prints show sandcastles and flamingo pool tubes.
Floral prints also work great for a day when you’re just getting ready to have fun with your best friends! You cannot eliminate the fun factor of a bubble dress, and the best way to rock in it is to embrace it. If it is a bold print, go for simple jewelry and wedges. If the print is small, you have room to experiment with statement jewelry and heels. 
via alohamarinaPrime Pastels OR Bright Beauties?
Highlight these night-time party wears with dainty jewelry to touch up on your feminine side. Whether the fabric is bold in color or a pretty pastel, statement dresses are never going out of style. So, ditch the tried and tested LBD with a cool and experimental bounce of these bubbly ones.
via chierielane_via shoppurplepoodleA Part Poise: Accentuating the Bubbly Parts
We agree, dressing up a ‘dress’ is far easier than coming up with pairings of top and bottom wear. However, if you feel like you struggle with the voluminous parts of your pajamas and tops, thinking ‘What in the baloney is this?’, we got you covered. Here is how to style those balloon-wide pants, sleeves and skirts without looking like a clown:
Pumped for Work! The Bubble Top
Here’s one for the #bossgirls. You will style a bubble top similar to how you would a peplum one. Go for a bubble top with a bustier upper half for your work day ensembles. Pair with a preferably cropped blazer to accentuate the bubble part, with the bottom being straight fit or flared pants and a heel of your choice. 
Additional tip: Try to keep the color of your blazer and pants the same, you can try co-ords to work with your bubble top. In the summers, opt for a top that has an accentuated bubble part (like a puffed sleeve or shoulder stitch), which you can find how to style in the section below.
Bubble Sleeves
Call them the batwing, puffed, or balloon sleeves, these puffers come in various designs, thanks to the room for experimentation while garment construction of sleeves. Most bubble sleeves are meant to hold the stare and be the statement of your outfit.
No loose bracelets! If you wish to accessorize the sleeves which are bulky near to the wrist, it is best to go for wristwatches or sturdy bangles. The balance of sturdy and loose ensures that both the items compliment each other in this ensemble, highlighting each detail. 
via hijabi_spotFrequently Asked Questions

Is puffball and bubble dress the same?

Yes, the name puffball came as an alternative to the bubble skirt when Yves Saint Laurent designed it under the apprenticeship of Christian Dior. The term puffball was also used by Balenciaga later on.

Can I style a peplum with a bubble hemline?

The two hemlines which flare out may not work the best. Opt for a balance between keeping it slim and showing a bit of flare. Think a peplum top with skinny jeans, or a bubble dress with tight boots. 

Should I wear a bubble dress if I am thin?

Absolutely! If you feel confident in a bubble dress, go for it. As per your body type too, you can style a bubble dress to essentially give yourself ‘more volume’, if that is the look you’re going for.

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Malai Paneer

Malai Paneer

Craving for soft, creamy and melt-in-mouth Malai Paneer and don’t really want to step out of the house or order it online? Don’t worry, this Malai Paneer is here to save you. This recipe will not only give you a restaurant style dish at the comfort of your home, but is ultra-easy without using too many ingredients and gets done within 20 minutes. Don’t believe me? Well, go for it this time and know what that I’m really not kidding!

About This Malai Paneer

I have adapted this Malai Paneer from the cookbook ‘1000 Great Indian Recipes – The Ultimate Book of Indian Cuisine’ and modified it as per me and my family’s preferences.

While I was reading through the recipe in this book, it stuck with me as I felt it was too quick and easy paneer dish that came from the restaurant chefs.

The quickness and ease of this specific recipe of Malai Paneer made me try it at home, without a second thought. And I’m glad I made it and created my version of it which is actually a recipe for keeps.

I added one more signature way of making a popular dish in my kitty, which I could refer to whenever I had unexpected guests or relatives. The same goes for you too.

Whenever I am making a paneer dish at home, I usually make it with the paneer that is also made at home the night before. I avoid buying it from the market. Same goes for this Malai Paneer as well.

I suggest you refer to this How To Make Paneer post of mine and make it at your home too. Once you get used to homemade paneer, you too will never head out to purchase it.

For this Malai Paneer, I halved the recipe, reduced the ridiculous proportion of oil and increased the proportion of cream from what was mentioned in the cookbook.

Also, added the quantity of spices which suited us and did not make the dish unbearably hot. In the original recipe, dry fenugreek leaves were not added. However, I added it in my version to give the dish an added aroma and flavor.

More On The Recipe

The paneer cubes in this Malai Paneer have a similar taste like that of the Malai Paneer Tikka. However, this entire dish is made in a pan and in flat 20 minutes, if you have the paneer ready, unlike the tikka which is marinated and grilled.

Just add a couple of minutes, which you will require to chop the onions and crush the ginger-garlic. If you add this time as well, it’s going to be a total of 25 minutes. Isn’t it one of the best dishes in the quickest possible way?!

This Malai Paneer has a semi dry consistency and a nice moistness due to the cream. I have used light cream in this recipe. If you’re outside India, you can use any good quality 25% to 30% fat cream.

The rest of the ingredients are easy to get, except for the dried fenugreek leaves or kasuri methi. So, if you’re facing trouble in sourcing it, skip it.

The Malai Paneer is an apt choice for a sumptuous starter or mocktail/cocktail snack. Since, we at home, are mostly roti and rice people, I serve it with that only along with a side of onion-lemon salad or cucumber-carrot salad.

You can even garnish it with chopped coriander leaves before serving and relish it with phulka or naan as well. Make this dish for a large number of people by simply doubling the recipe.

Step-by-Step Guide
How to make Malai Paneer

Make Masala

1. Heat 2 tablespoons oil in a pan or a small kadai/wok. Add ¾ cup finely chopped onions.

2. Sauté the onions on low or medium heat, till they start to turn golden.

3. Then, add 1 teaspoon ginger-garlic paste and sauté for about 15 to 20 seconds or till the raw aroma of ginger-garlic goes away.

By this time all the onions would also have browned. Make sure you don’t burn the onions as this will give a bitter taste in the dish.

4. Lower the heat and add these spice powders:

¾ or 1 teaspoon coriander powder½ teaspoon Kashmiri red chili powder ¼ teaspoon turmeric powder

Stir and sauté the ground spices for a couple of seconds without burning it.

Make Malai Paneer

5. Stir well and then add 250 grams paneer, cut into cubes. On low heat stir and sauté for 1 minute till the masala coats the paneer well. Do not cook the paneer for more time at this point.

6. Add ½ cup light cream (or 25% milk fat cream). Gently stir to mix and sauté till you see fat leaving the sides or the cream has coated the paneer cubes.

Just cook for about 2 to 3 minutes after you add the cream. Also, add salt after you add the cream.

7. Switch off the heat and sprinkle ⅛ or ¼ teaspoon crushed kasuri methi and ⅛ teaspoon garam masala powder. Stir to mix gently.

8. Serve Malai Paneer hot garnished with some chopped coriander leaves, as a starter or with phulka, roti or naan.


I stay in the US. What can I use as a substitute to the malai? In US, various types of cream like light cream, whipping cream, heavy cream or other readymade low-fat cream are available. You can use any of these. But if using heavy cream or whipping cream which has a higher proportion of milk fat, add ¼ cup. In this recipe, is possible to use milk in place of cream? I won’t suggest adding milk, as it will alter the consistency. Instead, you can collect the clotted cream (malai) and refrigerate it for 2 to 3 days. Then, blend in a blender or mixie to a smooth cream and use it. Can evaporated milk be used in this recipe? Not really, as using evaporated milk might lend a sweet taste, which is not apt for this dish. What do I do if I don’t have kasuri methi? Make the dish without it or use a pinch of fenugreek seed powder instead.

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