16 Unique Takes on Smoky Eyes

16 Unique Takes on Smoky Eyes

When we think about smoky eyes, we think of dark, sultry makeup in 50 shades of gray. Or perhaps variations of brown — but this is usually where things end. It’s time to open our minds and see the rainbow because any eyeshadow color can be used to create a gorgeous smoky eye.

If you’re a black smoky eye devotee, you don’t need to abandon the inky shade completely. You can incorporate it with other colored shadows. Once you get comfortable with things, you can try using multiple shades of one color or opt for a rainbow look by mixing multiple shadows.

While you’re experimenting, it is also time to think beyond your usual smoky eye shape. There are countless liner shapes and the same goes for smoky eyes. From long and angular to soft and blended, you can create infinite looks with the same shadows just by playing around with shape.

Are you ready to break out of your comfort zone? Grab your eyeshadow palettes and brushes and scroll down to see some truly unique smoky eyes.

Images: Imaxtree

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