As a seasoned flyer, there are a few essentials the actor with a 66.4 million-strong Instagram following swears by. Quirky gadgets she’s bought online—“This guy here became my best friend in the pandemic,” she says demonstrating a compact phone stand for impromptu Zoom calls. Also on the travel checklist are a face mist to rehydrate her skin after transatlantic flights, an adapter that works in every country (“With this, I can survive anything”), and sunglasses to cover up any tiredness or “to glam up a look.”

Not many know, but Padukone’s mother was a travel agent. The holy grail of any seasoned traveler? Collecting airline miles, a hack she learned early on in her career from her mum. “My airline cards are more important than my credit cards,” she declares as she picks out a Louis Vuitton card wallet that inhabits the 36-year-old actor’s multiple self-laminated airline cards.

Among the silk hair ties— “that feeling when you can’t find a scrunchie is something every woman can relate to! So I always make sure I have one in my bag”—, orange blossom perfume, tortoiseshell sunglasses, and mouth freshener is an essential kit packed to perfection. Its contents? “Medicines, a pen to clean stains, Alka seltzer, safety pins, band-aids,” she counts down all the quick fixes neatly curated and filed away in her bag. “Does anyone want anything?” Padukone asks the crew. Personally, we would like a crash course in fitting our entire world in our bags the way Deepika Padukone does in hers. It’s a lifelong skill.

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