White (and Off-White) Denim Shorts Destined to Become Seasonal Staples

White (and Off-White) Denim Shorts Destined to Become Seasonal Staples

There’s no question that denim shorts are summer essentials. Whether you prefer cutoffs, distressed pairs, or the Bermudas, all the silhouettes naturally suit the season. But this year we’re mixing things up. How? By favoring white denim shorts.

Thankfully, there are lots to choose from. Just to be clear, “white” also means “off-white.” So anything labeled ecru, ivory, cream, and even beige is acceptable. FYI: They all count as neutrals. Which opens up the field a bit. Although it’s important to keep in mind that those white shorts may not look as bright IRL as they do on your screen. The reverse may also be true.

Like their classic blue denim cousins, these starker takes to come in many forms. If you’re still willing to ride out the Miu Miu-backed micro trend, you can go the short shorts route. Are baggy jeans more your (current) style? Pick up more loose-fitting versions.

Prices can certainly vary. There actually are a few designer options. Think Valentino and Isabel Marant. Of course, you don’t have to drop designer dollars. You can score some stellar pairs for under $40. That way you can wear a different one every single day of the week.

Keep reading to see the coolest white denim shorts of the season.

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