Robo Vaccum Cleaner – 360 S9 – Best in India

Robo Vaccum Cleaner – 360 S9 – Best in India

COVID Blues?? Looking for a Robo Vaccum Cleaner to avoid turning yourself into a housemaid? During COVID, you can find more time for your work and your family by delegating your cleaning (mopping and sweeping) to this intelligent Robo vacuum cleaner. The latest in the series, this Robo Cleaner is the best in class as of today and one of the rare products that offer to mop and sweeping both this well together:

Pros vs Cons of the 360 Robo Vaccum Cleaner

1. Cleans well with or without the lights turn on so you can put it on cleaning during the night and find a clean home when you wake up.
2. Has a quiet mode so you are not disturbed when working.
3. Mop attachment is washable and works well.
4. You can add disinfectant or cleaning liquid in to the water tank
5. Easy to clean dustbin and brush
6. Has an anti-collision mode so Robo is not damaged
7. Powerful suction
8. Climbs on top of heavy carpets and cleans them well
9. You can set no-go zones so it does not leave home or go into bathrooms even if the door is left open
10. If it is stuck, you get a notification to go rescue it
11. Scheduling option available
12. Total piece of mind

1. You need to ensure the floor is not wet before cleaning starts
2. Does not replace a traditional vacuum cleaner as it does not clean the edges or corners very well but since these are usually the least visited corners of the house, that is not a big problem

Available variants:
If the top variant seems pricier to you, go for either of the below. They have sweeping and mopping features as well.

360 S7 –
360 S6 –

Stay safe and stay focused on the things that matter the most to you by delegating the cleaning to this assistant.

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